Kau Pula???

Well, I never had a thought of my piece of writing here will be famous or will attract more visitors. In fact, I really want this site to remain “low”. But still, welcome to my site guys!

I like to keep my moments somewhere which in later future, I could take a look again and say, “Geez, you were so childish!”, or maybe something like, “What were you thinking at that time Zen!”. And also “Wow, I remember this moment. Sweet!”.
Same goes to my photos in Instagram.

Anyhow, today I heard a great news, one of my dearest friends will be married soon! Congrats buddy! Looking forward for those days to come!

Kau pula?

“Kalau memang sudah jodoh, takkan lari ke mana. Pokoknya, nanti juga akan berjumpa, di atas pelamin atau sebagai tetamu kamu sahaja!”


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