Komplek Kebajikan Hamidah Yakup Miri: PT3 & SPM

Few weeks before, I’ve decided to join Kak Mala and Rahimi to go to Kompleks Kebajikan Hamidah Yakup Miri (Hamidah Orphanage Complex), to prepare PT3’s and SPM’s students with “last minute study skills”. The first meeting was very splendid that Rahimi and I decided to check on them more often (just like follow up session).

After several visits, they’re more comfortable with us, and started to ask on how to answer the exam questions. Basically, they were so motivated to learn just because we were there with them. I was so glad to see such a spirit.

They were so sincere and told us to come more often(which we did), and kept saying thanks to us for our effort.

Well, deep in my heart, I feel that I’m the one who should say thanks to them because they gave me an impression of how grateful my life is back then (and now) compare to them. You know sometimes we felt so down like the world is crumbling for whatever the reason is. Then, I think of them. They are so positive, so happy and so strong. Yet, they are so young.

I wish them all the best for their future! Amin…





Not to mention, they do love selfie too!

“Kuatkanlah hati… Kerana setelah ribut melanda, rumah pasti akan ku bina semula, tanaman pasti akan ku semai jua”


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