Taman Layang-Layang Kepong

The Family

They called that place Taman Layang-Layang Kepong. Some called it Taman Metropolitan Kepong. On 24 January 2010, Fila, Kroul, Nizam, Tun, Atika, Fad, Soleha and I went there. Just an adhoc plan to fill up our spare time on weekends. That was my second time going to that place. Last time, I jogged around the lake!

The Crowd

I could see that so much people playing their shiny, fancy kites. It is a nice place to bring the whole family. Except there is not enough car park for everyone, so you have to park the car outside the car park area. No kite? Don’t worry cause there are plenty of kites and you can purchase it right away.

The Guys

I forgot the feeling the last time I played kite. But this totally bring my childhood memories back! And it was and still be great! 🙂

Wahab's Cendol

Last but not least, Wahab’s Cendol!!! Finally found that place. It’s located at Rampai Business Park, Sri Rampai. “The Best Cendol in Town” Well, you’ve got to try and judge it yourself…

Guys!! It was very fun to hang out with you all. Thanx!

P/s: Skip up above the white white cloud in the blue blue sky!!! Just like the bird and the plane!


4 responses to “Taman Layang-Layang Kepong

  1. memang best lepak tasik metro…saye dulu kerja kat kepong..balik kerja tiap2 petang, mesti lepak situ dulu..kadang2, lunch kat tepi tasik..memang syok..weekend plak slalu gak g main kite..

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