Otsuka Ai – Planetarium

Ai chin~

Ai Chin~

: : : Romaji : : :

yuutsukuyo kaodasu kieteku kodomo no koe
tooku tooku konosora no dokoka ni kimi ha irun darou
natsu no owari ni futari de nukedashita kono kouen de mitsuketa
ano seiza nandaka oboeteru?

aenakutemo kioku wo tadotte onaji shiawase wo mitai nda
ano kaori to tomo ni hanabi ga patto hiraku

ikitai yo kimi no tokoro he ima sugu kakedashite ikitai yo
makkura de nanimo mienai kowakutemo daijoubu
kazoekirenai hoshizora ga ima mo zutto koko ni aru nda yo
nakanai yo mukashi kimi to mita kirei na sora datta kara

ano michi made hibiku kutsu no ne ga mimi ni nokoru
ookina jibun no kage wo mitsumete omou no deshou
chittomo kawaranai hazu nanoni setsunai kimochi fukurandeku
donna ni omottatte kimi ha mou inai

ikitai yo kimi no soba ni chiisakutemo chiisakutemo
ichiban ni kimi ga suki da yo tsuyoku irareru
negai wo nagare boshi ni sotto tonaetemitakeredo
nakanai yo todoku darou kirei na sora ni

aenakutemo kioku wo tadotte onaji shiawase wo mitai nda
ano kaori to tomo ni hanabi ga patto hiraku

ikitai yo kimi no tokoro he chiisana te wo nigirishimete
nakitai yo soreha soreha kireina sora datta
negai wo nagare boshi ni sotto tonaete mitakeredo
nakitai yo todokanai omoi wo kono sora ni…

Otsuka Ai~
: : : Translation : : :

Evening approaches and the voices of night-smiling children fade
I know that you are somewhere under this sky, far, far away
At summer’s end, we snuck away together, we found this park
I kind of remember that constellation

Even if I don’t meet you, I can search for memories
Of the same sort of happiness.
Both the smell and fireworks going “bang”

I want to go to where you are
I want to start running there soon
I can’t see anything in the inky darkness
Even if I’m scared I’ll be okay
The wisdom of this clear sky
Is here now all the time.
I didn’t cry when I saw you in the past
Because the sky was clear.

Daily, from that road over there, I can only hear one sound.
Maybe you’ll stare at your big shadow.
It is not in the least expected to change.
A sad feeling expands inside you.
This is the “you’re not there” kind of feeling.

I really want to go and be next to you
Even though I am really, really small
I love you the most
I can be strong
I suddenly try to make a wish on a falling star
Maybe I’ll reach the point where I don’t cry
In a clear sky.

Even if I’m not with you, I can search for memories
Of the same sort of happiness.
Like the smell, together with fireworks going “bang”

I want to go to your place (The place that is with you…)
A small hand clenching yours,
I want to cry; that is a beautiful sky.
I suddenly try to make a wish on a falling star
Under this sky, I don’t think that I want to cry.

Hana Yori Dango~

The first time I heard about Otsuka Ai is about 2 years ago. The first song I heard is SAKURANBO. It’s a great song. So fun+ny. Ai is so cute and she has a great voice. The lyric is also meaningful.
This song PLANETARIUM has good arrangement of music. Mellow and so sad that surely make you cry and drown the whole world! This song is also one of the OST for a Japan drama series@Jdorama called “Hana Yori Dango(Season1)”. “Hana Yori Dango” is a story about a poor high school girl with 4 guys called “The World Famous 4″ or F4. Just like Taiwan,”Meteor Garden”, this series has great sense of humour. I can say this series is greater than Taiwan version. Season 2 of “Hana Yori Dango” is also available and I encourage all of you to see both of them.


cute Ai chin~
: : : Otsuka Ai : : :
: : : Hana Yori Dango : : :


14 responses to “Otsuka Ai – Planetarium

  1. thanks for the lyrics and translation.;)
    i first heard this in hana yori dango and from then on i really really love this song.. hehe!

  2. I really love this song… all song in hana yori dango… I really love the song…. and i also get the meaning of the song… it really makes me cry whenever i hear this,….

  3. ah i love this song~~ ^^
    its so nice XD
    thanks so much for the lyrics and the translation ~~~
    hanayoridango is possibly one of te best dramas ever XD


  4. wow !! this song always touches my heart in every second i hear and thanks to hana yori dango, because it has introduced me to this song that movie is the one i love most 😀

  5. I’m sorry for dropping by suddenly. I just searched the song Planetarium of Otsuka Ai and I saw a link to this wordpress site. I’m so happy that I can drop a comment for I also have a wordpress blog.

    So, thank you so much for posting the lyrics of Planetarium! Me and my older sister really like Hana Yori Dango, we even watched the second season and the movie. I really love this song that’s why, thank you so much!!! Thank you also for the translation! 😀 *thumbs up*

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