Kau Pula???

Well, I never had a thought of my piece of writing here will be famous or will attract more visitors. In fact, I really want this site to remain “low”. But still, welcome to my site guys!

I like to keep my moments somewhere which in later future, I could take a look again and say, “Geez, you were so childish!”, or maybe something like, “What were you thinking at that time Zen!”. And also “Wow, I remember this moment. Sweet!”.
Same goes to my photos in Instagram.

Anyhow, today I heard a great news, one of my dearest friends will be married soon! Congrats buddy! Looking forward for those days to come!

Kau pula?

“Kalau memang sudah jodoh, takkan lari ke mana. Pokoknya, nanti juga akan berjumpa, di atas pelamin atau sebagai tetamu kamu sahaja!”


Mode Perasan!

Nana> Kitak kenalkan. Nini?
> Hahaha…
> Nunu ngan Nono kitak dah biasa.
> Banyak pilihan kitak.
> Tinggal kitak jak pilih.
> =P

Me> Hahaha… Ada indah gia…
> Kamek pilih bidaan hantaran paling rendah lah! (perasan sekejap, macam la hot gilak…haha)

Topik nok sentiasa hangat mun berinteraksi ngan kawan.
The truth is I am still picking up pieces of my courage just to stand up before I could walk again.

“Have you ever been so heartbroken that Coldplay starts to make sense?”

I Miss Talking to You

i miss talking to you

“I miss talking to you”, she said.
But he didn’t feel like talking to her anymore.

“I miss talking to you”, he said.
But she didn’t feel like talking to him anymore.

In the blink of an eye, they became strangers with a little piece of their memories stayed in each others’ heart.

“Karam berdua, basah seorang”

Komplek Kebajikan Hamidah Yakup Miri: PT3 & SPM

Few weeks before, I’ve decided to join Kak Mala and Rahimi to go to Kompleks Kebajikan Hamidah Yakup Miri (Hamidah Orphanage Complex), to prepare PT3’s and SPM’s students with “last minute study skills”. The first meeting was very splendid that Rahimi and I decided to check on them more often (just like follow up session).

After several visits, they’re more comfortable with us, and started to ask on how to answer the exam questions. Basically, they were so motivated to learn just because we were there with them. I was so glad to see such a spirit.

They were so sincere and told us to come more often(which we did), and kept saying thanks to us for our effort.

Well, deep in my heart, I feel that I’m the one who should say thanks to them because they gave me an impression of how grateful my life is back then (and now) compare to them. You know sometimes we felt so down like the world is crumbling for whatever the reason is. Then, I think of them. They are so positive, so happy and so strong. Yet, they are so young.

I wish them all the best for their future! Amin…





Not to mention, they do love selfie too!

“Kuatkanlah hati… Kerana setelah ribut melanda, rumah pasti akan ku bina semula, tanaman pasti akan ku semai jua”

A Hopeful Pretender

Overthinking kills happiness.
Let’s just be a hopeful pretender. Pretending everything is okay though it’s not, seeing the good in the bad. And wish someday that things will turn out well.

“Kalaupun hari ini tak seperti yang kau inginkan, tidak bermakna ia akan terus kekal begitu”

Have a little faith!


September Rain

September and rain…..remind me of SEPTEMBER RAIN!!!! Ya lagu dari The Brilliant Green.

Kenak mesti ada lagu hujan untuk bulan September bah?
I wo wo wo wo wonder…..why. Most probably limpahan hujan paling banyak pada bulan September? Hmm…

Teringat juak sorang member lamak nok minat ngan anime Gensomaden Saiyuki.
Nya padah Sanzo sik suka hujan…hoh!?

P/s: “…September rain, I’ll be there with you. Yes, I’m sorry, don’t worry, good-bye. September days, No sighs and no sad tomorrow. Home in September rain…” -theBrilliantGreen-


Selepas 19 hari aku bekerja….
Bermula 4hb Julai sehingga 22hb Julai….
Tanpa henti, tanpa cuti, sabtu mahupun ahad….
Akhirnya, aku demam!!!!!

Actually, 18hb or 19hb ya dah demam… Lamak sik kenak demam, sekali kenak…seminggu lom bait-bait gik.
Datang sekali ngan batok + flu. Nang kombinasi bernas! Selera kadang-kadang sikda, kadang-kadang kuat juak makan…hish…hehe!

Well, this really remind me the story of ROCKS, PEBBLES, & SAND.

Fever sebenarnya mengingatkan aku dengan Patapon juak…… FEVER~~~~~~~